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Latinos have proven to be prolific at creating new businesses.

The new business creation growth rate for Latinos is 3x the rate for non-Latinos. Yet, little is known about Latino-Owned Businesses (LOBs,) beyond what is reported by the US Census every five years. In support of our research efforts at Stanford University, we built the largest database of Latino-Owned Businesses in the USA with close to 1.4 million records. We also assembled the largest known panel of Latino business owners, who have agreed to be surveyed and polled. We are currently at 2,500 survey respondents and growing making it the most comprehensive database and panel of its kind. Our goal is to increase the survey respondent panel size to 30,000 so that any researcher can quickly obtain information on LOBs. We encourage any Latino business owner of any size business to fill out our survey by clicking here to go to our survey website – it only takes 3 minutes of your time.

This program creates a reliable and vast information base on this increasingly important segment of our economy. It is annually updated, publicly available, rich, comprehensive, and designed to target Latino business and founder demographics and evolution. It’s content is usable by variety audiences – policymakers, academic researchers, businesses, corporations, as well as media seeking facts for their reporting. The content of the data set, defined with input from a variety of sources, both academic and business based, captures those LOB characteristics of greatest interest to the various constituencies.